How Do I Become Self-Employed

Are you bored with the 9-to-5 job? Do you want to do something more interesting and adventurous, but your job does not provide it?

Are you really willing to take your life as a challenge? But you can’t do it because of your full-time job. You want to quit it but can’t do it.

See! It is really a normal position. Anyone would never quit his or her paying job? Unless he or she is passionate about anything else, if you are passionate about any other field, then quitting your job can be a game changer.

There are many people who would really like to quit their job but can’t do it because of a lack of confidence.

Passion can drive you to do superficial things. You may think that it is not true, but it is actually true. Your willpower and passion can change the world. Your passion is needed in your life journey. But the irony is that most of them don’t have any passion in them. They really like to surrender to their boring 9-to-5 job.

Those who have the ability to quit their job and build a big business become self-employed in life.

There are many examples where you can notice that people are self-employed in order to have a luxurious life.

There are many business owners who actually really like to build their own businesses rather than work for any other company. For them, running a small business is a really respectable job.

India has now gone through its start-up boom period.

I think you know about shark tanks. India really brings a change in the game of business. They help to make more and more people self-employed.

Indians are not that open for business, but the program really brings a change in the minds of Indians; all are now really celebrating business.

Becoming a self-employed person or business owner is becoming an overnight sensation in India.

But businesses also suffered some losses.

Let’s make it clear with an example.

An example is the Russia-Ukraine war.

Those who have an interest in the market and news of the world might have known that everything is burning, from food to human life. Earlier in 2022, Russia announced a war against Ukraine. Due to the war, the prices of crude oil and natural gas increased. Europe is actually suffering a lot due to this incident. But the catch is that not only Europe, but also other countries like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and a lot more are suffering. The prices of everything are high.

India also suffers from the same situation. When the price of crude oil increases, everything will increase, from food to daily-use products. As well as the price of houses, which is also high. No one can control the real estate price. It actually goes with the flow.

As I have told you before, due to the Ukraine-Russia war, the prices of crude oil are increasing, so the price of petroleum has also increased, and if the price of petroleum is increasing, then transportation prices are also increasing.

So, use your common sense now: if the transportation cost is high, then the transportation of raw materials will be expensive.

So, now in business, people also suffer, but the risk in business is also like a game.

Without risk, there is no business.

So, with risk and passion, let’s start to learn about self-employment.

What is self-employment?

Self-employment is a kind of business where you work for yourself. Your passion and desires will lead to success. You will be the boss. Nobody will ever inquire about you. Everything goes by with only your order.

But with self-employment, there are other problems.

So, we will discuss it later.

First, let’s discuss the skills that a self-employed person has to own.

So, there are many skills that one has to acquire if he or she really wants to do self-employment successfully.

  1. Passion for self-employment.
  2. Knowledge about your product.
  3. Convincing power.
  4. Great communication skills.
  5. Power of public connectivity.
  6. Good behavior.
  7. Always humble.
  8. Analytical ability.
  9. Knowledge about good marketing.
  10. Research and study the market.
  11. Be patience.
  12. Be understanding of the situation.
  13. Well versed.
  14. Good knowledge of profit and loss.
  15. Ability to study the audience
  16. Calm mind.
  17. Problem-solving quality.
  18. Leadership quality.

These are some skills that a self-employed person really needs.

Now come to another point:

This is:

How do I become self-employed?

Self-employment is not a joke. Let’s see its requirements.

  1. No special education is required.
  2. Market knowledge is required.
  3. There is no need to enroll yourself in a good course.
  4. Your passion for your work is important.
  5. Your convincing power is needed.
  6. Good marketing skills are important.
  7. Good communication skills are important.
  8. Ability or knowledge of basic math is important.
  9. Ability to handle everything with balance.
  10. Leadership ability is needed.

These are some interesting requirements that you have to meet.

Let’s go to our next segment, which is the pros and cons.

Pros: There are lots of pros and cons.

Let’s talk about the pros.

  • No boss, no headache.
  • Time flexibility.
  • There is no need for transport charges.
  • You are allowed to do it at your will.

These are some pros.

Now come to the cons:


  • No time for yourself.
  • Lack of money
  • Lack of motivation
  • Don’t get funds on time.
  • High risk of heavy investment.

These are some cons:


So, as I have informed you before, self-employment is really a difficult thing if you are passionate about it. If you really want to empower yourself, then I must tell you to be self-employed.

Never blame anyone. No one will ever help you. Your inner fighter will come out of you and win the game. You can go this unconventional route.

Thank you.

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