How to Be a Journalist

Journalism is one of the most coveted career options all over the world. It is not a new career path. Journalism has its own history.

Modern journalism is the consequence of various evolutions that occur in the field of journalism.

It is one of the most trusted jobs in the world. It really has an aspiring job opportunity.

Journalism is not only about reading and memorizing; it is also all about application and presentation. Journalists actually give more attention to representing news that the audience will easily take in. They have to analyze the needs and wants of the audience. For journalists, the audience is everything. Without an audience, this field will not be relevant.

It is really a much-appreciated field among the arts.

Generally, people think that those who take arts in school and college are not good enough in their studies. So, they tend to underestimate the art student. But journalism is a field of the arts, and it is surprisingly appreciated by non-arts students as well.

English and journalism—these two are the most popular and demanded courses in the arts, along with law.

So, from the above discussion, I am sure that you understand how useful a journalism degree is.

Those who study journalism and later works for any news channel are called “journalists.

If you wanted to be a journalist, you had to study journalism.

Journalism is really a demanded field. It is one of the most relevant job fields in India and abroad.

Journalism is not an easy career. It is really difficult. You need lots of things without a degree. Journalism is not dependent on a degree. Here, your hard work and representation are checked. You have to face a lot of difficult situations. You can get injured during your work, but you have to cope with it.

It is a very daring field. You must be brave and unapologetic.

So, I hope you get a brief idea of this job.

Let’s talk about journalism and journalists.

Journalism: Journalism is a professional course. Here you will be informed about how you should do journalism. How you should shoot your content How your gestures should be when filming. How you should do the questioning

So, these are the main things about this subject. It is all about the theory of the subject.

But journalism is not all about theory. You also need to have a basic sense of practicality, because journalism is all about the balance between theory and practice.

Now, let’s take a look at journalists.

Who are journalists?

Journalists are trained professionals who represent the truth in front of us. Their main work is to inform us of various incidents that have occurred all over the world. They are the fifth pillar of democracy.

See! How important their job is.

Now I think you have a brief idea of the definition of a journalist.

Let’s look for other topics.

As I have told you before, journalists are not dependent on traditional education; they need some skills to stand out in this field. The process is simple: if you want to flourish here, you have to gain some skills.

Let’s talk about the skills.

  • Required skills:

The important skills that you really want to have are:

  1. Good knowledge of everything.
  2. Be unapologetic.
  3. Ability to represent anything properly
  4. Ability to ask brave questions.
  5. Be smart.
  6. Be presentable.
  7. Great communication skills.
  8. Amazing writing ability.
  9. Ability to analyze anything.
  10. Ability to shoot with a camera
  11. Research ability.
  12. Ability to study the market.
  13. Understand the needs of the audience.
  14. Investigation skills.
  15. Useful source.
  16. Ability to face any kind of worst-case situation.
  17. Public oriented.
  18. Tech-savvy.
  19. Not picky.
  20. Making any news juicy and spicy by representing it in a different way
  21. Be the voice of the masses.

These are some skills that a journalist should have.

So, now you have an idea of the skills that you need if you want to be a journalist.

Now let’s talk about the responsibilities of a journalist.

  • Responsibilities:

A journalist has a lot of responsibilities.

Let’s check out some.

  1. Expose the truth.
  2. Inform the masses about any incident.
  3. Investigate the truth.
  4. Produce the reality of a country on TV.
  5. Don’t support propaganda.
  6. aware of the public
  7. Show the logistics and analysis on TV.

Journalists also have a lot of work.

Journalists have a lot of subordinate positions.

  • Sub positions:

There are many types of journalists.

  1. Sports journalist.
  2. Legal journalist.
  3. Criminal journalist.
  4. Entertainment journalist.
  5. Weather reporter.
  6. Political journalist.

These are some types of positions where you can apply if you are interested in any type of journalism.

Let’s talk about the most anticipated question:

This is:

How to be a journalist

Let’s see the process of becoming a journalist step by step.

  1. After completing 12th grade, go for B.A. Journalism Honours.
  2. Complete your journalism degree with a minimum of 55%.
  3. If you have done English honors and now want to be a journalist, you can go for an M.A. in journalism.
  4. After completing an M.A. or B.A. in journalism, apply for an internship.
  5. Make your own portfolio.
  6. Create a YouTube channel.
  7. Make audiences aware of the things that have happened in the world.
  8. Start to apply to private companies that want journalists.

This is the path to becoming a journalist.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that in Switzerland, if you want to become a journalist, you need to have a license?

Salary: 0.3 lahks to 8.2 lahks per annum, based on skills and experience.

Journalists are a very popular and relevant career option. But still, it is difficult to shine here. You have to survive a brutal competition here. Journalists have to work an extra hour.

If you are unable to produce juicy news, you could be fired by your boss.

It is really good but stressful.

If you are passionate about this, you should definitely pursue it.

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