How to Be a Florist

Do you like flowers? Are you mesmerized by the beauty of flowers? If your answer is yes, then a florist is a good option. You can be a florist if you want.

Being a florist is not a traditional job role. It is quite a unique and out-of-the-box job opportunity.

Forestry is so unique that the majority of the population doesn’t know about it.

If you are interested in flowers, then this is really a career opportunity for you.

As I have told you, your love for flowers will get exposure here.

Floristry as a career is not that well established.

It is totally creative work, and you need to show your creativity here because your creativity will give you fame and money here.

Listen, being a florist is not a secure job. It is totally dependent on your service and behavior. It is quite difficult to establish yourself as a florist.

Just like government jobs or private jobs, it does not have any perks. You have to survive here on your own.

As a florist, you will get less exposure and the opportunity to open yourself up in front of buyers.

It is quite difficult to survive in this industry. But don’t worry; if you have passion, love, and knowledge about this career, you will bloom one day just like a fresh flower in your field.

India is not a good place for a florist. Although India has one of the biggest and best markets for flowers, it is still not ready to accept florists as professionals or individuals.

If you want to be a florist in India, then your Indian parents will be so disappointed. Because for them, only science is a money-making subject.

But in the above case, I can’t blame the parents either, because, in their eyes, florists do not have any means to earn money in India. They will think of it as a useless career option.

As I have told you before, India is not ready to accept Floristry as a career option.

But still, if you want to do it regardless of progress and money, then don’t worry; I have a solution for you.

Although India does not have any scope for florists, abroad you will get a lot of exposure compared to India.

You will be surprised if I tell you that in America, being a florist in Switzerland is really a job option.

See! The prospects for the same jobs are different in different countries.

Many of you may not know what a florist is.

For those, I will explain it in an easy way:

  • Who is a florist?

Florists are trained professionals who work with flowers.

They arrange cut flowers in some designs.

So, I think you have a little idea of what a florist is.

Now let’s move on to another topic, which is:

The required skills that a florist has to hold are:

  • Skills of florists:

A florist needs a lot of skills. His or her total work really depends on his or her useful skills. Skills are important in this area.

So, let’s talk about it:

  1. Knowledge of different flowers
  2. Knowledge of design.
  3. Ability to play with colors
  4. Subtle hand applications.
  5. Decoration sense.
  6. Sense of style and fashion
  7. Knowledge of trends.
  8. Know the audience.
  9. Know what your buyers need.
  10. Hardworking mentality.
  11. Be Patience.
  12. Be Calm.
  13. Super professional in their work.
  14. Leadership quality.
  15. Superb communication skills
  16. Convincing power.
  17. Connection-making power
  18. Good behavior.
  19. Providing the best service
  20. Look for the customer’s convenience.
  21. Know the market.
  22. Follow the trend.
  23. Be original in your work.

These are some skills that are really important to have if you want to be a florist.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a very unique field, so there is a higher chance of failure if you always try to copy ideas from someone else. It will be very helpful if you use your own creativity here.

Let’s address the most frequently asked question:

How do I become a Florist?

Forestry is a really unique field in which to work. Although in India it is not that popular. But in the USA or Switzerland, it is quite popular.

Let’s discuss it with some steps.

  1. Be a graduate: At first, you have to complete your graduation from a college. If you have a degree in botany, art, design, or photography, then it will be useful for you in the future.
  2. Get some required training: After completing your graduation, you can go for formal training. Search for a training institute where they offer a course on Forestry. Always remember to check your course’s authenticity. Do a course from the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD).
  3. Apply for an internship. After completing your training course, always try to find an internship job. It is a skill-based job, so it will be helpful for you if you do an ample amount of internships.
  4. Get the certificate: The American Institute of Floral Design offers a certification course on this. It is not that much required, but if you have a certificate, it will stand out from others in the market. You just have to get a good result on the examination.

So, these are the steps to becoming a florist.

Now. Let’s talk about the pros and cons.

  • Pros:
  1. Time flexibility.
  2. No boss, no headache.
  3. Not monotonous work.
  • Cons:
  1. Not a booming business option.
  2. Need of a large amount of money.
  3. A high-risk business because you can’t preserve flowers for so many days.

So, here are some pros and cons of this career option:

Salary: $18,000 to $75,000. (High)

Conclusion: Being a florist is a new job opportunity. It does not offer so much money, but in the initial stages, it will take a huge investment of money and effort.

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