How Do I Become A Dietician

Dietetics is a very flourishing career option. At present, it is in high demand on the market. It is a comparatively new career option; 15 years earlier, this was not as popular as it is now. It now becomes an alternative career choice for those who can’t be doctors due to financial problems or study pressure.

As you all know, Indians are literally obsessed with the healthcare industry. Here and there, almost everywhere after 12th grade, parents try to convince their children to take medicine because, for Indians, it is a status symbol if their child is in medicine.

But I never blamed them for this mentality because, in other Asian countries, it is similar. They also want their children to become doctors because it actually relates to their social status. If their children become doctors, they will be treated with respect in society. So all over Asia, parents try to convince and sometimes pressure their children to go to the doctor.

But the problem is that they never try to understand the capabilities of the child. All students are not equal. Some are intelligent, some are mediocre, and some are bad. Some only memorize things without understanding them. But some are also very intelligent and understand things.

So, the thing is, not all students are capable of studying medicine. If a student does not feel passionate about medicine, they should not go that way.

As I have mentioned above in the article, Asians are more fascinated by medicine, but the irony is that they are more stubborn when it comes to consulting a doctor. They just need the fame and money.

So, if you are interested in medicine or your parents are interested in medicine, then go for it.

But if you are a mediocre student who can’t study that much harder like would-be doctors do, than a dietician is the right choice for you. The Dietician is a very bright career option right now; in the future, its demand will increase.

A study shows that the demand for dieticians will increase by 11% in the future.

So, it will be the best career option for students.

Now, if you are wondering what a dietician does,

Allow me to tell you that:

What is a Dietician?

Dieticians are trained and educated professionals who work in diets and individual health.

Dieticians work in the field of science. Here we get knowledge of a proper diet, a balanced diet, and the daily calorie requirement for any individual. They basically carry the promise of good health. Without them, it is difficult to lead a healthy life without supplements and medicine.

They help us maintain our bodies and skin. They will tell you how to age slowly.

After all, if you are on a good diet, you will age slowly, just like a glass of wine.

I hope you understand that it is a very effective field in the medical industry.

So, you can opt for this course.

Now let’s come to the next topic, which is: which students should choose a dietician course?

So, let’s start.

Reminders Before Joining a Dietician Course?

Before enrolling in a dietitian course, you must remember these things:

  1. If you are interested in the medical or healthcare industry, then you can choose it.
  2. Are you interested in science? If yes, then you can join.
  3. The Dietician course is a very expensive course, of course—not more expensive than MBBS, but still quite expensive. So, before enrolling, figure out the total cost yourself and then enroll.
  4. Though it is not as tough as MBBS, you still have to study various subjects and matters. If you are not studying or attentive, then you should not enroll.
  5. A good grasp of chemistry and biology is needed.
  6. It is truly a time-consuming course, so you should be more careful.
  7. Only a bachelor’s degree can make you a dietician; you also need to go higher to become a dietician. So, your academics will be much longer than others.
  8. Find a college where the faculty is good and helpful. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you.
  9. Do your practical properly because it is basically based on it.

These are some reminders that you should follow.

Now come to the next point.

How do I become a dietician?

Let’s discuss it step by step.

  1. Take science in 12th grade and pass the exam with a minimum of 50% aggregate.
  2. Take a B.Sc. in nutrition and dietetics. And pass it with a minimum of 50% aggregate. Duration: 3 years.
  3. Apply for an M.S. in nutrition and dietetics. The duration is two years.
  4. Do an internship as a freshman in dietetics.
  5. Pass the CDR (Commission on Dietetic Registration) exam.
  6. Obtain a state license.
  7. Maintain your license and registration. You will have 120 days to complete your fast.

This is the process of becoming a dietician in India.

If you want to be a dietitian in the UK, then the scenario is different; you actually need to have HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered.

Different countries have different qualifications. So if you want to be a dietician abroad, first do some research on Google.


  1. Good knowledge of nutrition and dietetics.
  2. Ability to study food habits
  3. Provide a diet chart according to height, weight, sex, and age.
  4. Knowledge about effective exercises.
  5. They are the carriers of overall well-being.
  6. Overall nutrition requirements are taken care of by them.

These are some of the responsibilities that they fulfill in our society.

Although dieticians are not as highly valued as doctors, they are still important to society. If you have an interest in the health industry but don’t want to be a doctor, then this is for you. Dieticians are responsible for helping people with their weight, skin, and bodies. They provide us with a healthy diet.

I believe you understand how important a healthy diet is for living a healthy life.

Thank you.

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