How to Become a Pharmacist

We are very dependent on doctors because of our health. In India and abroad, doctors are compared to the gods.

In recent years, when COVID-19 attacked the whole world, we were all in our houses, but only doctors were outside of their houses, and they were a lot of help to common people. So, after COVID-19, people became aware of the worth of the doctors. It is totally clear that doctors are needed by humanity exists. Because if humans exist, then diseases will also exist, so doctors are needed. Actually, not only doctors are needed; the whole hospitality team is also needed.

Many people think that only doctors help us in our hard times, but the reality is that there are many other less recognizable posts like pharmacist, nurse, matron, etc. Who really help us, but we never give them the respect and exposure that they deserve.

So, today in this article, I will talk about pharmacists.

Though it is a very well-known position in the whole world, it still has less exposure than the other medical courses.

Pharmacists are really needed. Without them, the medical industry will never grow. They really give everything to their job. Their job is really tough.

They are not traditional doctors, but they are no less than that.

Basically, a pharmacist does the job of providing the best medicine according to the patient’s health condition. A pharmacist mainly deals with medicines.

Medicine plays an important role in a pharmacist’s life.

Pharmacists are a relatively new genre of medicine. This genre talks about medicine and its usage in the human body according to health conditions. A pharmacist also helps a doctor give medicine. When you visit a drugstore, you will notice that the owner or worker of the store gives you the required medicine just by looking at the prescription. Do you ever wonder how a mere store owner has such deep knowledge of medicine?

So, for your information, they are not mere store owners or workers; they actually hold a degree in B.Pharma, a diploma, or an M.Pharma.

I think you understand what I am trying to say in the above-mentioned scenario.

So, let’s see who is a pharmacist.

  • Who is a pharmacist?

Pharmacists are trained professionals who work with medicines and their dosage and usage in the human body. Pharmacists are responsible for providing the best benefit from a medicine. They can give you instructions about the dose and usage of the medicine. They don’t just own a medical shop; they also do a lot of research on the medicines. They are not only involved in selling and buying medicine, but they also give advice to doctors about medicine.

See! How diverse their work is.

Some may think that it is boring, but if you are interested in medicine, then I am quite sure that you are going to be a great pharmacist in the future.

Every subject is not for everyone. If you are interested in the composition of medicine, the usage of medicine, or the dose of medicine, then you can go for a B.Pharma.

Also, if you have a dream of becoming a doctor but are not able to crack the entrance exam for medical school or you don’t think of yourself as a serious and studious student as doctors must be, then you can opt for a B.Pharma.

Or, if you are unsuccessful in becoming a doctor but you like the healthcare industry, then B.Pharma is a sparkling opportunity for you.

So, I think the whole matter is clear to you.

Now let’s dive into some different points.

Let’s talk about their skills.

So, pharmacists need some special skills to survive in this cruel industry.

Let’s check them out.

  1. Good knowledge of medicine.
  2. Knowledge of physics and chemistry is important.
  3. Knowledge of medicine’s composition.
  4. Ability to understand the handwriting of doctors (I know it is quite funny, but I always notice that only a pharmacist can decode the handwriting of the doctors.)
  5. Good communication skills.
  6. Understanding the buyer’s mind
  7. Good hold over medicine doses.
  8. Calm mind.
  9. Convincing power.
  10. Business-oriented knowledge.
  11. Power of studying markets.
  12. Ability to understand the trend.
  13. Guiding the buyers.
  14. Creating awareness.

These are some abilities that pharmacists must have.

Let’s dig into the next topic.

  • The process of being a pharmacist: let’s break it down step by step.
  1. Take science after 10th grade: In order to pursue a career in pharmacy, you need to complete your 12th grade with PCM (physics, chemistry, and math) or PCB (physics, chemistry, and biology).
  2. Diploma in Pharmacy: If you want to run your own drug store in India, then you have to complete a 2-year diploma course in pharmacy. Science in 12th grade is the main requirement.
  3. Pharma: It is a bachelor’s degree for pharmacists. The duration is three years.

For Australia: If you want to be a pharmacist in Australia, you have to have a tertiary degree in pharmacy. Then you need to be registered with the Pharmacy Board of Australia. After that, you should have to do an internship.

Different countries have different ways of recruiting pharmacists. Before taking any steps, check Google. I have provided you with the requirements of one country here.

  • Scopes: Pharmacists have various scopes in India.
  • They can open a drug store on their own.
  • They can join pharmaceutical companies.
  • They can be involved in research.
  • They can also do a job in hospitals.

  • Salary: approximately 15 to 18 thousand per month.

So, let’s:

List some famous colleges that offer pharmacy degrees.

  1. MET Institute of Pharmacy
  2. Jamia Hamdard University.
  3. Bombay College of Pharmacy.

Usually, pharmacy students are not well received internationally. Like the USA, they actually avoid taking people from outside their country for pharmacy degrees.

To sum up, pharmacy is a growing industry; if you like the healthcare industry, you can opt for this field.

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