How to Become an Architect

Do you like to know about buildings and bridges? Have you ever wondered where the beautiful designs came from? Do you ever try to find the passion behind the building? Have you ever wondered who used his mind over the design of the Pisa Tower? Do you ever feel goosebumps when you see Tamil architecture in South India? Have you ever wondered who was behind the making of the Ajanta, Ilora, or Padmanava temples?

If you ever thought about the above-mentioned questions, then it is sure that you are really into the making of buildings, or, in simple language, you are fascinated with the architecture of buildings.

To sum up, we can say that behind every fascinating architectural work is one of many architects. Architects are professionals who design buildings and other things.

Are you interested in being an architect? If you are interested in that field, then this article is for you. You need this.

So, as I have told you before, architects basically use their brains to design buildings or temples.

If I am not mistaken, architecture is a very old profession. I am telling this because there are many old buildings and architectures available before the progress of modern science.

For instance, we can point out the Indian temples and Egyptian pyramids.

Just think about it. 5000 years ago, when there was no sign of science, contemporary architects made fascinating buildings without any help from modern devices. Really, they need applause. The most interesting part is that those architectural works have survived to the present. They used to use the original raw materials without any doubt. They really thought about many different types of designs that are really attractive.

See! Without any modern devices or opportunities, they made beautiful buildings with their fruitful minds and mathematical skills.

So, I think it is clear that architecture is not a newly emerging profession. It also existed even before 5000 years.

Let’s talk about the definition of the architect.

  • Who is the architect?

An architect is a trained professional who is really useful in making buildings and other architecture like temples, churches, and bridges.

Don’t take the word “making” literally. They don’t carry bricks or cement. But they make the planning and design of a building and guide the workers on how to make it. Frankly speaking, they used their brains and engineering skills to build a building.

So, I think you know who an architect is.

Now, let’s talk about other important skills that an architect needs in their work life.

  • Skills:

The work of an architect is basically based on his or her skills. It is purely a game of skill. Those who have better skills will shine and be successful in life. So, you need skills along with your education.

See! Architecture is not all about traditional education; it also needs skills and application power. After all, your skills will decide how your building will turn out. So, without further ado, let’s start:

  • Mathematical skills.
  • Engineering knowledge.
  • Creative mind.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Leadership quality.
  • Teamwork and management skills.
  • Commercial-market knowledge.
  • Problem-solving attitude.
  • Know how to balance everything.
  • High pressure-taking quality.
  • Focused personality.
  • Anger management.
  • Cool minded.

These are really important social and working skills that an architect must have.

An architect must know how to control a situation with a cool mind.

Now the biggest question has arisen. How can one become an architect?

Let’s see:

  • Steps of being an architect?

Let’s follow the steps carefully because these steps will guide your future if you want to be an architect.

  • Take science after 10th grade. Taking science is the first step to being an architect. After 12th grade, those who take science with math and physics will be able to sit for the entrance exam for architects.

  • Earn a B.Arch. degree: After 12th grade, pursue the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) Course.

  • Qualify for the NATA exam: After completing your B.Arch. degree, try to appear in the NATA exam.

  • For study abroad: If your dream is to study architecture abroad, then you need to have good scores in the ACT or SAT exam along with good marks in the TOEFL and IELTS exams.

  • Apply for an architect’s license: You can sit for the Architect Registration Examination to get licensed as an architect. After getting the license, you can apply for a job as an architect in a private firm or the government sector. Try to go for internship programs as well.

  • In India: If you want to work as an architect in India, you need to be registered with the Council of Architects (COA).

  • Abroad: For the USA, you need to clear the Architect Registration Exam conducted by the National Council of Architectural Registration Board. Different countries have different procedures for that.


  • M.Arch degree: If you really want to increase your academic knowledge of architecture, then you can pursue an M.Arch degree as well. This degree will surely be effective for you.

These are some steps by which you can become a successful architect in the future.

Now let’s talk about the universities of architecture where you will get a quality education:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
  2. University College London
  3. Delft University of Technology
  4. University of Cambridge
  5. Harvard University.

These are some well-known universities, where you can apply for architecture studies.

Now let’s talk about the salary.

  • Salary: Approximately 1 lakh to 3 lahks per annum, according to your skills and experiences.

These are some basic facts that I share with you in this article.

Conclusion: To sum up, being an architect is an amazing career option. Here you will get a good pay scale, exposure, and respect in society. Architects can get jobs anywhere in the world.

But the most irritating side of this is that this degree is really time-consuming. Your half-life will be reduced due to this course. Though it is a time-consuming course, it is also interesting.

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