How Do I Become an FBI Agent

Do you want to be heroic? Do you like to enjoy action? Do you find your life boring without thrillers and action? Are you interested in protecting your country from external and internal threats? If all this is true, then I must suggest that you apply for an FBI agent job.

An FBI agent’s job is basically a U.S.-based job.

Generally, the FBI is a designation in the USA.

Do you enjoy the cinemas where the FBI is present? Or do you like crime thrillers? Then this job is definitely for you.

Mike is a 16-year-old boy from New York, USA. He is a teenager. His father was a businessman. When he was 10 years old, one day, two people came into his father’s store and killed him without any notice. That day, Mike was present from New York, USA. He is a teenager. His father was a businessman. When he was 10 years old, one day, two people came into his father’s store and killed him without any notice. That day, Mike was present. He was very shocked and upset by the fact that only two people came and killed his father. He thought it was an insult. He was more and more upset to see his mother crying.

Although he was very small back then, he took an oath that he would find out the killers and give them important punishment. So he started his preparation and training that day. He gradually makes progress. Now that he is 16 years old, six years have passed, but he has never forgotten the incident and really wants to take revenge on the killers. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he took the FBI exam for the first time at the age of 23. On the first attempt, he failed, but after some time, on his third attempt, he got the job.

After getting the job, he becomes more and more confident and strong. On the other hand, he started to find the killers. He could not get them or find them. He is not successful now. This fact makes his blood boil. He does not tolerate the fact that he was defeated.

Suddenly, when he goes for a different investigation in the nearest locality, he finds a man who is similar-looking to one of the killers.

You might have thought, “How did Mike know?” So the answer is that his father was killed in front of him. So he recognized the faces of the killers. So he chased the two killers, and one day he killed both of them.

But he never disclosed to anyone that he had committed two murders, except his mother. He shared with his mother that he took revenge on them for killing his father with cruelty.

This type of story is very popular among fans. Those who like to watch action thriller movies are basically aware of the above-mentioned storyline. The above-mentioned story can create a stir among fans.

Actually, popular culture made the FBI very famous.

Thanks to popular culture, people like the characters of FBI agents.

So, let’s talk about the definition of FBI agents:

  • Definition of FBI agent: An FBI agent is a professional job under the USA government. Basically, FBI agents are responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in the country. They can take extreme measures if they want. They are really responsible for the enforcement of the law. They try to maintain law and order in the whole country.

They are really hard workers, and they also have some risk factors in their job. They have to fight against terrorism. It is the FBI that protects the USA from any kind of danger.

Don’t compare it with the Indian police; they are good for nothing. They could not actually help people, but they could irritate people all over the country. But the FBI is not like that; they are responsible, workaholics, and kind.

So, I hope that you get a minimum idea of what an FBI agent is.

Now let’s talk about their duty list.

I think by reading the definition, you can predict the duty list. But still, let’s give you a brief idea of that:

Duty list:

  • Enforcement of the law.
  • Maintain public harmony.
  • Protect the country from internal and external forces.
  • Fight with internal problems.
  • Help the civilians.
  • Solving difficult problems like murder.
  • Follow the supreme leader of the USA.
  • Check the overall maintenance of the law.
  • Handle child abuse cases.
  • Control the overall peace of the country.

These are some duty lists that an FBI agent must follow. Let’s come to the next point:

  • What are the skills of an FBI agent?

FBI agents need more and more skills. So, let’s unfold the skills where we will come to know about the most important habits and behaviors of the FBI.

  1. Polite behavior.
  2. A soft tone maintains
  3. Well educated.
  4. Well versed.
  5. Knowledge of law and administration.
  6. Problem-solving attitude.
  7. High IQ.
  8. Know how to maintain the law all over the country.
  9. Be hard.
  10. Rough and tough.
  11. No mercy attitude towards criminals.
  12. Mentally strong.
  13. Physically fit.
  14. Strong body.
  15. Good aim.
  16. Shard eyesight.
  17. Good hearing ability.
  18. Well trained.
  19. Ability to take hard decisions in abnormal situations.
  20. Sacrificial attitude.
  21. Helpful attitude.
  22. Good height.
  23. Ability to protect himself or herself and the public.

These are some skills that you need to have if you want to join the FBI.

So, let’s go to some other topic:

  • How do you become a member of the FBI?

Without education, you need some other things to be an FBI agent.

  1. The age should be between 23 and 36 years old.
  2. Clever mind.
  3. Good height.
  4. US citizenship is required.
  5. A bachelor’s degree is most likely in criminology or political science.
  6. Minimum experience in work.
  7. Apply for the exam at the FBI. The exam was conducted in two phases, along with a physical test.
  8. If you qualify in the above-mentioned three phases, you will be an FBI agent in the USA.
  9. Complete 20 weeks of basic field training.

Salary: $52,456 to $74,852, approximately, depending on skills and experience.

To sum up, it is a very good career choice.

If you like it, then go for it.

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